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Administrative Science Quarterly 1956 - 2016
Administrative Theory & Praxis 1993 - 2012
Dialogue 1978 - 1990
Agenda: A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform 1994 - 2018
Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs 2000 - 2009
Canadian Public Policy / Analyse de Politiques 1975 - 2018
Cityscape 1994 - 2019
Education Finance and Policy 2006 - 2014
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 1979 - 2016
The Future of Children 1991 - 2019
Inquiry 1963 - 2016
Inside CMS 2001 - 2016
Inside HCFA 1998 - 2001's FDA Week 2011 - 2016
Inside Washington's FDA Week 1995 - 2011
International Journal of the Commons 2007 - 2019
Issues in Science and Technology 1984 - 2018
Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 1999 - 2016
Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 2009 - 2019
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 1981 - 2014
Policy Analysis 1975 - 1981
Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory: J-PART 1991 - 2014
Journal of Public Affairs Education 1998 - 2016
Journal of Public Administration Education 1995 - 1997
Journal of Public Policy 1981 - 2014
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 1983 - 2016
Journal of Marketing & Public Policy 1982
The Milbank Quarterly 1986 - 2018
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly. Health and Society 1973 - 1985
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly 1934 - 1972
The Milbank Memorial Fund Quarterly Bulletin 1923 - 1933
National Civic Review 2016 - 2020
New Labor Forum 1997 - 2016
Philosophy & Public Affairs 1971 - 2014
Policy Sciences 1970 - 2015
Public Administration Quarterly 1983 - 2017
Southern Review of Public Administration 1977 - 1983
Public Administration Review 1940 - 2014
Public Affairs Quarterly 1987 - 2016
Public Performance & Management Review 2000 - 2012
Public Productivity & Management Review 1989 - 2000
Public Productivity Review 1975 - 1989
Publius 1971 - 2014
La Revue administrative 1948 - 2009
Social Security (Hebrew edition) / ?????? ??????? 1971 - 2016
Social Service Review 1927 - 2015
Society and Economy 2002 - 2014
Társadalom és gazdaság K?zép- és Kelet-Európában / Society and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe 1994 - 2001
Aula 1990 - 1994
Egyetemi Szemle 1979 - 1986
State & Local Government Review 1976 - 2016
Georgia Government Review 1968 - 1975
The Town Planning Review 1910 - 2014
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 1990 - 2016
Yale Law & Policy Review 1982 - 2016
Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen 1969 - 2016
Zeitschrift für Politikberatung (ZPB) / Policy Advice and Political Consulting 2008 - 2016
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Abolish ICE 2019
Absent Citizens: Disability Politics and Policy in Canada 2009
The absurdity of bureaucracy: How implementation works 2017
After Net Neutrality: A New Deal for the Digital Age 2019
After the Crash: Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses 2019
Agenda for the Nation 2003
Agricultural Price Policy: A Practitioner's Guide to Partial-Equilibrium Analysis 1990
Aire dividido: crítica a la política del aire en el Valle de México, 1979-1996 OPEN ACCESS 2000
América Latina: una integración regional fragmentada y sin rumbo OPEN ACCESS 2018
America the Fair: Using Brain Science to Create a More Just Nation 2019
Arming and Disarming: A History of Gun Control in Canada 2012
Ascenso y crisis del Estado social autoritario: Estado y acumulación del capital en México, 1940-1976 OPEN ACCESS 1988
Avoiding Governors: Federalism, Democracy, and Poverty Alleviation in Brazil and Argentina 2016
Badges without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing 2019
Balanced Budgets and American Politics 1988
Barriers Down: How American Power and Free-Flow Policies Shaped Global Media 2019
Beirut 1958: How America's Wars in the Middle East Began 2020
A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future 2019
Beyond the City and the Bridge: East Asian Immigration in a New Jersey Suburb 2018
Beyond the Welfare State: Postwar Social Settlement and Public Pension Policy in Canada and Australia 2017
The Birth of Energy: Fossil Fuels, Thermodynamics, and the Politics of Work 2019
Bite Back: People Taking On Corporate Food and Winning 2020
Border Deaths: Causes, Dynamics and Consequences of Migration-related Mortality OPEN ACCESS 2020
Business in a Changing Climate: Explaining Industry Support for Carbon Pricing 2016
Cairo collages: Everyday life practices after the event 2020
Can Green Sustain Growth?: From the Religion to the Reality of Sustainable Prosperity 2014
Can Science and Technology Save China? 2020
Can't Pay, Won't Pay: The Fight to Stop the Poll Tax 2020
Capacidad institucional y posacuerdos 2020
Carbon Criminals, Climate Crimes 2020
The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money 2018
Catalytic Governance: Leading Change in the Information Age 2016
Causas y efectos de la crisis económica en México OPEN ACCESS 1984
Changing Places: The Science and Art of New Urban Planning 2019
Changing Toronto: Governing Urban Neoliberalism 2009
The Children in Child Health: Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand 2020
China 2049: Economic Challenges of a Rising Global Power 2020
Chinese Environmental Contention: Linking Up against Waste Incineration OPEN ACCESS 2019
Chronicles in Stone: Preservation, Patriotism, and Identity in Northwest Russia 2019
Cinco percepciones de la región Asia Pacífico: los casos de Singapur, Malasia, Indonesia, Australia y Japón OPEN ACCESS 1997
Cincuenta a?os de investigación urbana y regional en México, 1940-1991 OPEN ACCESS 1996
Cities and crisis 2016
Cities, Climate Change, and Public Health: Building Human Resilience to Climate Change at the Local Level 2020
Cities Demanding the Earth: A New Understanding of the Climate Emergency 2020
The City Planning Process: A Political Analysis 1965
Ciudades y regiones en el contexto contemporáneo. Conceptos, discusiones y casos 2016
The Civil Rights Movement 2004
Civil Society Revisited: Lessons from Poland 2017
Climate Change from the Streets: How Conflict and Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement 2010
A Climate Policy Revolution: What the Science of Complexity Reveals about Saving Our Planet 2020
Closing the Gold Window: Domestic Politics and the End of Bretton Woods 1983
Collapse of an Industry: Nuclear Power and the Contradictions of U. S. Policy 1988
The Community Economic Development Movement: Law, Business, and the New Social Policy 2001
Comparative Urban Research From Theory To Practice: Co-Production For Sustainability OPEN ACCESS 2020
Competing for Influence: The Role of the Public Service in Better Government in Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Competitividad de las ciudades en México OPEN ACCESS 2003
The Conservation Constitution: The Conservation Movement and Constitutional Change, 1870-1930 2019
Conservation Is Our Government Now: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea 2006
Construir ciudad: un análisis multidimensional para los corredores de transporte en la Ciudad de México OPEN ACCESS 2008
Contingent Citizens: Shifting Perceptions of Latter-day Saints in American Political Culture 2020
Courting Desire: Litigating for Love in North India 2020
Creeping Conformity: How Canada Became Suburban, 1900-1960 2004
Cuban Economists on the Cuban Economy 2013
Cultural Crowdfunding: Platform Capitalism, Labour and Globalization OPEN ACCESS 2019
Cyclescapes of the Unequal City: Bicycle Infrastructure and Uneven Development 2019
Dangerous Science: Science Policy and Risk Analysis for Scientists and Engineers OPEN ACCESS 2020
The Death and Life of the Single-Family House: Lessons from Vancouver on Building a Livable City 2016
The Death of Idealism: Development and Anti-Politics in the Peace Corps 2020
Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism 2020
The Decline of Authority: Public Economic Policy and Political Development in New York State, 1800-1860 1988
Democratic Eco-Socialism as a Real Utopia: Transitioning to an Alternative World System 2020
Democratic Illusion: Deliberative Democracy in Canadian Public Policy 2015
Der Einfluss muslimischer Religiosit?t auf die gesellschaftliche Integration von Einwanderern in Deutschland: Eine systematische Literaturanalyse OPEN ACCESS 2019
Desafección política y gobernabilidad: el reto político 2015
Desarrollo sustentable y cambio global OPEN ACCESS 2007
Desenvolvimento e conflitos ambientais 2010
Dicionário crítico de migra??es internacionais 2017
Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia 2020
Diffusion of Good Government: Social Sector Reforms in Brazil 2013
Distributed Democracy: Health Care Governance in Ontario 2020
Divided Armies: Inequality and Battlefield Performance in Modern War 2020
The Divided States of America: Why Federalism Doesn't Work 2020
The divisive state of social policy: The ‘Bedroom Tax’, austerity and housing insecurity 2019
Domestic fortress: Fear and the new home front 2017
The Doubly Green Revolution: Food for All in the Twenty-First Century 1997
Driving Change: Travel in the Twenty-First Century 2019
Drogas y políticas públicas: ?Legalización o prohibición? 2017
Du Bois’s Telegram: Literary Resistance and State Containment 2018
Dynamism: The Values That Drive Innovation, Job Satisfaction, and Economic Growth 2020
Early Start: Preschool Politics in the United States OPEN ACCESS 2013
East of East: The Making of Greater El Monte 2020
The Ecolaboratory: Environmental Governance and Economic Development in Costa Rica 2020
Economía: Fall 2019 2019
The Economic Approach to Public Policy: Selected Readings 1976
Economics in the Twenty-First Century: A Critical Perspective 2016
Educación crítica y emancipación: Menciones honoríficas OPEN ACCESS 2018
Educación crítica y emancipación OPEN ACCESS 2018
El arte obra en el mundo: Cultura ciudadana y humanidades públicas 2020
El comercio exterior de México en la era del capitalismo liberal, 1870-1929 OPEN ACCESS 2007
El medio ambiente hoy: temas cruciales del debate contemporáneo OPEN ACCESS 2001
Empowering the Great Energy Transition: Policy for a Low-Carbon Future 2019
Emptiness and Fullness: Ethnographies of Lack and Desire in Contemporary China 2017
The End of Welfare as We Know It?: Continuity and Change in Western Welfare State Settings and Practices OPEN ACCESS 2014
Ending Homelessness?: The Contrasting Experiences of Ireland, Denmark and Finland 2020
The entangled city: Crime as urban fabric in S?o Paulo 2020
Environmental Policy in North America: Approaches, Capacity, and the Management of Transboundary Issues 2014
Estilos de desarrollo y buen vivir OPEN ACCESS 2019
Ethics in Public Service 1993
EU Pension Law 2019
European Perspectives for Public Administration: The Way Forward OPEN ACCESS 2020
Evaluating parental power: An exercise in pluralist political theory 2017
Everyday Economic Survival in Myanmar 2019
Evolución de la responsabilidad civil y reparación de da?os ambientales 2017
Exoticisation undressed: Ethnographic nostalgia and authenticity in Emberá clothes 2016
Famine Relief in Warlord China 2019
Fences and Neighbors: The Political Geography of Immigration Control 1999
Fields of Authority: Special Purpose Governance in Ontario, 1815-2015 2016
Financial Stabilization in Meiji Japan: The Impact of the Matsukata Reform 2019
The First Century of the International Joint Commission 2020
First Responders: Inside the U.S. Strategy for Fighting the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis 2020
First World Petro-Politics: The Political Ecology and Governance of Alberta 2016
Fishermen, the Fishing Industry and the Great War at Sea: A Forgotten History? 2019
Food for All in Africa: Sustainable Intensification for African Farmers 2019
Food Insecurity and Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa: Agrarian Questions in Egypt and Tunisia 2019
Food Policy in Mexico: The Search for Self-Sufficiency 1987
Food Price Policy in Asia: A Comparative Study 1989
Food Trade and Foreign Policy: India, the Soviet Union, and the United States 1985
Forgotten Vanguard: Informal Diplomacy and the Rise of United States-China Trade, 1972–1980 2018
Free Enterprise: An American History 2019
Freshwater Politics in Canada 2014
Full Spectrum Dominance: Irregular Warfare and the War on Terror 2019
Fundaciones y derecho administrativo 2010
Future Challenges of Cities in Asia 2020
Futureproof: How to Build Resilience in an Uncertain World 2019
Ghosts of Organizations Past: Communities of Organizations as Settings for Change 2015
The Gig Economy 2019
Give and Take: Developmental Foreign Aid and the Pharmaceutical Industry in East Africa 2020
Give and Take: Poverty and the Status Order in Early Modern Japan 2018
Gleichstellungspolitik in der Schweiz: Einführung in ein umstrittenes Politikfeld OPEN ACCESS 2018
Global Indigenous Health: Reconciling the Past, Engaging the Present, Animating the Future 2018
The Global Life of Austerity: Comparing Beyond Europe 2018
The Global Organ Shortage: Economic Causes, Human Consequences, Policy Responses 2013
Global Sustainability and Communities of Practice 2018
Globalization and Food Sovereignty: Global and Local Change in the New Politics of Food 2014
Gobernanza y gestión de áreas protegidas OPEN ACCESS 2019
Governance in Northern Ontario: Economic Development and Policy Making 2013
Governing Access to Essential Resources 2016
The Great Acceleration: An Environmental History of the Anthropocene since 1945 2014
Greening Brazil: Environmental Activism in State and Society 2007
Greening China: The Benefits of Trade and Foreign Direct Investment OPEN ACCESS 2011
A Guilted Age: Apologies for the Past 2015
Hairy Hippies and Bloody Butchers: The Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Campaign in Norway 2017
Hollywood Diplomacy: Film Regulation, Foreign Relations, and East Asian Representations 2020
Hydropolitics: The Itaipu Dam, Sovereignty, and the Engineering of Modern South America 2019
Ideas, Interests, and American Trade Policy 1993
Ideology: Structurring Identities in Contemporary 2003
Imagined Liberation: Xenophobia, Citizenship, and Identity in South Africa, Germany, and Canada 2015
Immigration and the Border: Politics and Policy in the New Latino Century 2013
Indian Water in the New West OPEN ACCESS 1993
Indigenous Environmental Justice 2020
Indocumentados: mitos y realidades OPEN ACCESS 1979
The Informal Economy 2019
International Organizations and Environmental Protection: Conservation and Globalization in the Twentieth Century 2019
The Internet in Everything: Freedom and Security in a World with No Off Switch 2020
The Jews Should Keep Quiet: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, and the Holocaust 2019
Journalism in Crisis: Bridging Theory and Practice for Democratic Media Strategies in Canada 2016
Judging Policy: Courts and Policy Reform in Democratic Brazil 2008
The Just City 2010
Just Ordinary Citizens?: Towards a Comparative Portrait of the Political Immigrant 2016
Just Transitions: Social Justice in the Shift Towards a Low-Carbon World 2020
Justicia [poética] y memoria [inquietante] 2019
Karenz, Familienbeihilfe & Co: Ergebnisse des Policy Survey 2013 zur Familienpolitik in ?sterreich 2014
Know Your Price: Valuing Black Lives and Property in America’s Black Cities 2020
La actualidad de la reforma agraria en América Latina y El Caribe OPEN ACCESS 2018
La constitución de 1991 y la crisis de la salud: Encrucijadas y salidas 2011
La construcción social y política del medio ambiente OPEN ACCESS 2004
La coordinación inter-agencial como generadora de valor público y transformación social 2012
La cuestión agraria y los gobiernos de izquierda en América Latina: campesinos, agronegocio y neodesarrollismo OPEN ACCESS 2018
La evaluación de políticas de desarrollo a través de una perspectiva de derechos humanos / Development policies evaluation under the human rights-based approach 2016
La experiencia olvidada: el ayuntamiento de México: política y gobierno, 1876-1912 OPEN ACCESS 1996
La generación del estado de sitio: el juicio a la anormalidad institucional en la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de 1991 2011
La memoria administrada: El barroco y lo hispano 2010
La participación de México en la OCDE: 1994-2002 OPEN ACCESS 2005
La política científica en disputa: Diagnósticos y propuestas frente a su reorientación regresiva OPEN ACCESS 2019
La política del ambiente en América Latina: Una aproximación desde el cambio ambiental global OPEN ACCESS 2017
De la Unión Soviética a la Comunidad de Estados Independientes: la transición hacia una economía de libre mercado OPEN ACCESS 1994
La universidad intercultural crítica: diálogos, disputas y resistencias epistemológicas en Unitierra 2019
Land!: The Case for an Agrarian Economy 2017
Land Use Planning Made Plain 2003
Las prioridades nacionales y las políticas de reclutamiento de funcionarios públicos en los países en desarrollo OPEN ACCESS 1981
Las regiones ante la globalización.: competividad territorial y recomposición sociopolítica OPEN ACCESS 1998
Le défi de changer les choses: Anthologie commentée des discours de Paul Gérin-Lajoie 2018
Leave No One Behind: Time for Specifics on the Sustainable Development Goals 2020
Lecturas básicas de administración y políticas públicas OPEN ACCESS 2000
Let the People Rule: How Direct Democracy Can Meet the Populist Challenge 2020
The Library and the Workshop: Social Democracy and Capitalism in the Knowledge Age 2010
Lifelong learning, the arts and community cultural engagement in the contemporary university: International perspectives 2013
Live Sustainably Now: A Low-Carbon Vision of the Good Life 2020
Local Policies and the European Social Fund: Employment Policies Across Europe 2019
Local Social Innovation to Combat Poverty and Exclusion: A Critical Appraisal 2020
Looking West: Regional Transformation and the Future of Canada 2014
Los modelos de control administrativo en Colombia (1811-2011) 2012
Managing the Environment, Managing Ourselves: A History of American Environmental Policy 2020
Manufacturing Decline: How Racism and the Conservative Movement Crush the American Rust Belt 2019
Mapping Society: The Spatial Dimensions of Social Cartography OPEN ACCESS 2018
Marcos Against the Church: Economic Development and Political Repression in the Philippines 1990
The Marginal Revolutionaries: How Austrian Economists Fought the War of Ideas 2019
Marijuana Federalism: Uncle Sam and Mary Jane 2020
Migrants and Political Change in Latin America 2018
Migration in Austria OPEN ACCESS 2017
Mobility of Imagination: A companion guide to international cultural cooperation 2007
Mobilizing Global Knowledge: Refugee Research in an Age of Displacement 2019
The Moral Economy of Activation: Ideas, Politics and Policies 2019
Motor City Green: A Century of Landscapes and Environmentalism in Detroit 2020
National Policy, Global Memory: The Commemoration of the “Righteous" from Jerusalem to Paris, 1942-2007 2016
Negotiating Inseparability in China: The Xinjiang Class and the Dynamics of Uyghur Identity 2019
Neighbourhoods for the City in Pacific Asia 2020
The New Technocracy 2020
North American Borders in Comparative Perspective 2020
The Oak Ridges Moraine Battles: Development, Sprawl, and Nature Conservation in the Toronto Region 2013
Occupational health and social estrangement in China 2014
Oil Wealth and Development in Uganda and Beyond: Prospects, Opportunities, and Challenges OPEN ACCESS 2020
On an Empty Stomach: Two Hundred Years of Hunger Relief 2020
The Origins of Happiness: The Science of Well-Being over the Life Course 2018
The Patagonian Sublime: The Green Economy and Post-Neoliberal Politics 2018
Patchwork Leviathan: Pockets of Bureaucratic Effectiveness in Developing States 2020
Patient Care under Uncertainty 2019
Pauper policies: Poor law practice in England, 1780–1850 2017
The People's Money: Pensions, Debt, and Government Services 2019
Placemaking with Children and Youth: Participatory Practices for Planning Sustainable Communities 2018
Planning Politics in Toronto: The Ontario Municipal Board and Urban Development 2013
Playing Politics with Natural Disaster: Hurricane Agnes, the 1972 Election, and the Origins of FEMA 2020
Población y políticas sociales en Japón y México: 1870-1990 OPEN ACCESS 1996
Poder local en el Golfo de México OPEN ACCESS 1995
Política pública y base económica en seís ciudades medias de México OPEN ACCESS 1997
The Political Economy of Policy Coordination: International Adjustment since 1945 1995
Political Sociology: A Critical Introduction 1999
Políticas culturales y educativas del estado mexicano de 1970 a 1997 OPEN ACCESS 2003
Politics and Community-Based Research: Perspectives from Yeoville Studio, Johannesburg 2019
The Politics of Community: Theory and Practice 2002
The politics of cycling infrastructure: Spaces and (in)equality 2020
The Politics of Disaster: Tracking the Impact of Hurricane Andrew 2012
The Politics of Language in Puerto Rico: Revisited 2020
The Politics of Staying Put: Condo Conversion and Tenant Right-to-Buy in Washington, DC 2016
Politics under the Influence: Vodka and Public Policy in Putin's Russia 2018
Post-Stabilization Politics in Latin America: Competition, Transition, Collapse 2003
Poverty and Welfare in Modern German History 2017
Power after Carbon: Building a Clean, Resilient Grid 2020
Power and Regionalism in Latin America: The Politics of MERCOSUR 2013
Power to the Transfer: Critical Race Theory and a Transfer Receptive Culture 2020
Preparing for the Future: Strategic Planning in the U.S. Air Force 2003
The Price of Democracy: How Money Shapes Politics and What to Do about It 2020
Problems Confronting Contemporary Democracies: Essays in Honor of Alfred Stepan 2012
Producción de vivienda y desarrollo urbano sustentable OPEN ACCESS 2017
Proxy War: The Least Bad Option 2019
Races to Modernity: Metropolitan Aspirations in Eastern Europe, 1890–1940 2014
The Radical Center: Middle Americans and the Politics of Alienation 1976
Radical childhoods: Schooling and the struggle for social change 2014
Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society 2018
Realising the city: Urban ethnography in Manchester 2018
Reclaiming Indigenous Governance: Reflections and Insights from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States 2019
Reconsidering Policy: Complexity, Governance and the State 2020
Red Gold: The Managed Extinction of the Giant Bluefin Tuna 2020
A Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism 2017
Redesigning Work: A Blueprint for Canada's Future Well-being and Prosperity 2016
Reforming the City: The Contested Origins of Urban Government, 1890–1930 2020
Regulating Creation: The Law, Ethics, and Policy of Assisted Human Reproduction 2017
Regulating Difference: Religious Diversity and Nationhood in the Secular West 2020
Reimagining Homelessness: A Blueprint for Policy and Practice OPEN ACCESS 2020
Reluctant Warriors: Germany, Japan, and Their U.S. Alliance Dilemma 2020
Repowering Cities: Governing Climate Change Mitigation in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto 2019
A Republic of Equals: A Manifesto for a Just Society 2019
Reputation-Based Governance 2011
Rescaling Urban Governance: Planning, Localism and Institutional Change 2020
Rescuing the Vulnerable: Poverty, Welfare and Social Ties in Modern Europe 2016
Resist the Punitive State: Grassroots Struggles Across Welfare, Housing, Education and Prisons 2020
The Responsibility of Intellectuals: Reflections by Noam Chomsky and Others after 50 years OPEN ACCESS 2019
Resurgent Africa: Structural Transformation in Sustainable Development 2020
Rich Bioethics: Public Policy, Biotechnology, and the Kass Council 2010
Rights, Deportation, and Detention in the Age of Immigration Control 2015
The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles 2015
The Rise of Food Charity in Europe: The role of advocacy planning 2020
Rise Up!: Activism as Education 2019
Royal Capitalism: Wealth, Class, and Monarchy in Thailand 2020
Saving the Georgia Coast: A Political History of the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act 2020
Science Be Dammed: How Ignoring Inconvenient Science Drained the Colorado River 2019
Science by the People: Participation, Power, and the Politics of Environmental Knowledge 2019
Science, Technology, and National Policy 1981
The Securitization of Memorial Space: Rhetoric and Public Memory 2019
Security Sector Reform and Citizen Security: Experiences from Urban Latin America in Global Perspective OPEN ACCESS 2019
Selling Diversity: Immigration Multiculturalism, Employment Equity, and Globalization 2008
Sense and Essence: Heritage and the Cultural Production of the Real 2018
Servicios urbanos, gestión local y medio ambiente OPEN ACCESS 1991
Shape of the Suburbs: Understanding Toronto's Sprawl 2009
Shaping Terrain: City Building in Latin America 2016
Small States in World Markets: Industrial Policy in Europe 1985
The Snow Leopard and the Goat: Politics of Conservation in the Western Himalayas 2019
Social Infrastructure and Vulnerability in the Suburbs 2015
Socialist Heritage: The Politics of Past and Place in Romania 2019
Sociología(s) del arte y de las políticas culturales 2020
Sorting Out the Mixed Economy: The Rise and Fall of Welfare and Developmental States in the Americas 2019
Spending Without Taxation: FILP and the Politics of Public Finance in Japan 2011
State of Empowerment: Low-Income Families and the New Welfare State OPEN ACCESS 2020
Stategraphy: Toward a Relational Anthropology of the State 2018
Strategies for Governing: Reinventing Public Administration for a Dangerous Century 2019
Suburban Governance: A Global View 2015
Suburban Urbanities: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street OPEN ACCESS 2015
Sustainable Development and Canada: National and International Perspectives 2001
Sustaining Russia's Arctic Cities: Resource Politics, Migration, and Climate Change 2017
Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector: Ten Years After the Great Crash 2019
The Taiwan Voter OPEN ACCESS 2017
Terms of Disservice: How Silicon Valley is Destructive by Design 2020
That Further Shore: A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise 2020
This Land Is Our Land: The Struggle for a New Commonwealth 2019
Thoughts on War 2020
Towards a Spatial Social Policy: Bridging the Gap Between Geography and Social Policy 2019
Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace 2020
The Transformative City: Charlotte’s Takeoffs and Landings 2020
Transforming Rural Water Governance: The Road from Resource Management to Political Activism in Nicaragua 2019
Transhumanizing War: Performance Enhancement and the Implications for Policy, Society, and the Soldier 2020
Transnational Struggles for Recognition: New Perspectives on Civil Society since the 20th Century 2017
Traversing: Embodied Lifeworlds in the Czech Republic 2020
Turkey's Necropolitical Laboratory: Democracy, Violence and Resistance 2019
Ultimate Price: The Value We Place on Life 2020
Una agenda para la administración pública.: Reconocimiento a la trayectoria de María del Carmen Pardo 2018
Una década de planeación urbano-regional en México, 1978-1988 OPEN ACCESS 1989
Under New Public Management: Institutional Ethnographies of Changing Front-Line Work 2014
Under the Influence: Putting Peer Pressure to Work 2020
Understanding School Choice in Canada 2016
Unelected Power: The Quest for Legitimacy in Central Banking and the Regulatory State 2018
Uneven Innovation: The Work of Smart Cities 2020
Unnatural Resources: Energy and Environmental Politics in Appalachia after the 1973 Oil Embargo 2019
Urban and Regional Development Planning: Policy and Administration 1975
Urbanism without Guarantees: The Everyday Life of a Gentrifying West Side Neighborhood 2020
U.S. Inspectors General: Truth Tellers in Turbulent Times 2020
Using Evidence to End Homelessness 2020
The Vertical Mosaic: An Analysis of Social Class and Power in Canada, 50th Anniversary Edition 2015
Veterans' Policies, Veterans' Politics: New Perspectives on Veterans in the Modern United States 2012
Vivienda y vida urbana en la Ciudad de México: la acción del Infonavit OPEN ACCESS 1998
Vivir mejor la jubilación: Salud, dinero, amor, sexo y ocio a partir de los 60..., prepárate desde los 40 2010
Water Policy Reform in Southern Alberta: An Advocacy Coalition Approach 2016
Welfare Reform in Canada: Provincial Social Assistance in Comparative Perspective 2015
Welfare to Work in Contemporary European Welfare States: Legal, Sociological and Philosophical Perspectives on Justice and Domination 2020
Women and museums 1850–1914: Modernity and the gendering of knowledge 2016
World Heritage Craze in China: Universal Discourse, National Culture, and Local Memory 2018
Zouping Revisited: Adaptive Governance in a Chinese County 2018