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30 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage 2020
Art of the Deal: Contemporary Art in a Global Financial Market 2011
Artifak: Cultural Revival, Tourism, and the Recrafting of History in Vanuatu 2019
A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities 1997
Collecting the Globe: The Salem East India Marine Society Museum 2020
Curating As Ethics 2020
Curating Live Arts: Critical Perspectives, Essays, and Conversations on Theory and Practice 2019
Curatopia: Museums and the future of curatorship 2019
Digging Miami 2012
Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts: The St. Chad Gospels, Materiality, Recoveries, and Representation in 2D & 3D 2019
Ellas cuentan: representaciones artísticas de la violencia en el País Vasco desde la perspectiva de género. 2020
From Storeroom to Stage: Romanian Attire and the Politics of Folklore 2019
The Future of Literary Archives: Diasporic and Dispersed Collections at Risk 2018
Having and Belonging: Homes and Museums in Israel 2016
Hotel Ponce de Leon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Flagler's Gilded Age Palace 2015
Intersectionality in Digital Humanities 2019
Las Fronteras de los derechos humanos. Problemas, Discusión y Soluciones 2020
The Man Who Invented Aztec Crystal Skulls: The Adventures of Eugène Boban 2019
Manual de accesibilidad en museos. 2020
Medieval Cityscapes Today 2019
Metric Survey Specifications for Cultural Heritage 2009
The Museum as a Cinematic Space: The Display of Moving Images in Exhibitions 2019
Museum Processes in China: The Institutional Regulation, Production and Consumption of the Art Museums in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region 2020
Museums Inside Out: Artist Collaborations and New Exhibition Ecologies 2020
Respuestas al trabajo social. Ante emergencias sociales y problemáticas sociales complejas de México y Espa?a 2019
Sense and Essence: Heritage and the Cultural Production of the Real 2018
Treasuring the Tradition: The Story of the Military Museums 2020
Visitors to the House of Memory: Identity and Political Education at the Jewish Museum Berlin 2018
Windows for the world: Nineteenth-century stained glass and the international exhibitions, 1851–1900 2018
World Heritage on the Ground: Ethnographic Perspectives 2016