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50 Concepts for a Critical Phenomenology 2020
Abjection Incorporated: Mediating the Politics of Pleasure and Violence 2020
Afro-Fabulations: The Queer Drama of Black Life 2019
After Difference: Queer Activism in Italy and Anthropological Theory 2018
Against the Grain: Couples, Gender, and the Reframing of Parenting 2010
Alte neue Ungleichheiten?: Aufl?sungen und Neukonfigurationen von Erwerbs- und Familiensph?re OPEN ACCESS 2017
American Anatomies: Theorizing Race and Gender 1995
Anaesthetics of Existence: Essays on Experience at the Edge 2020
Animate Planet: Making Visceral Sense of Living in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World 2017
An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures 2003
Archives of Conjure: Stories of the Dead in Afrolatinx Cultures 2020
Are You Entertained?: Black Popular Culture in the Twenty-First Century 2020
The Asian Migrant's Body: Emotion, Gender and Sexuality 2020
Authoring Autism: On Rhetoric and Neurological Queerness 2018
Axis of Hope: Iranian Women's Rights Activism across Borders 2019
Backward Glances: Contemporary Chinese Cultures and the Female Homoerotic Imaginary 2010
The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550–1800 2020
Bathroom Battlegrounds: How Public Restrooms Shape the Gender Order 2020
Becoming Men: Black masculinities in a South African township 2020
Behind Closed Doors: Sex Education Transformed 2019
Being a Sperm Donor: Masculinity, Sexuality, and Biosociality in Denmark 2018
Between You and Me: Queer Disclosures in the New York Art World, 1948–1963 2005
Beyond Shame: Creating a Healthy Sex Life on Your Own Terms 2020
Big Pharma, Women, and the Labour of Love 2015
Birth Control Battles: How Race and Class Divided American Religion 2020
Bishkek Boys: Neighbourhood Youth and Urban Change in Kyrgyzstan’s Capital 2017
The Black Body in Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography 2014
Black Girl Magic Beyond the Hashtag: Twenty-First-Century Acts of Self-Definition 2019
Black Performance Theory 2014
Black Queer Studies: A Critical Anthology 2005
Black Sexual Economies: Race and Sex in a Culture of Capital 2019
Bloodflowers: Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Photography, and the 1980s 2019
Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and the Digital Humanities OPEN ACCESS 2018
Bodily interventions and intimate labour: Understanding bioprecarity 2020
The Book of Daniel: Poems 2019
The Book of Womanhood 2015
Bound together: Leather, sex, archives, and contemporary art 2020
Bread Winner: An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy 2020
Breasts Across Motherhood: Lived Experiences and Critical Examinations 2020
Brigid Brophy: Avant-Garde Writer, Critic, Activist 2020
Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure 2017
Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject: A Reader 1999
Camp TV: Trans Gender Queer Sitcom History 2019
Canoe and Canvas: Life at the Annual Encampments of the American Canoe Association, 1880?1910 2019
Celibacies: American Modernism and Sexual Life 2013
Changing Gender Norms in Islam Between Reason and Revelation OPEN ACCESS 2018
Chaucer's Losers, Nintendo's Children, and Other Forays in Queer Ludonarratology 2019
Chick Flicks: Theories and Memories of the Feminist Film Movement 1998
Chosen among Women: Mary and Fatima in Medieval Christianity and Shi`ite Islam 2007
Clinical Labor: Tissue Donors and Research Subjects in the Global Bioeconomy 2014
The Comics of Alison Bechdel: From the Outside In 2020
Conditionally Accepted: Christians' Perspectives on Sexuality and Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights 2020
Confessions of a Gay Priest: A Memoir of Sex, Love, Abuse, and Scandal in the Catholic Seminary 2020
Conscripts of Migration: Neoliberal Globalization, Nationalism, and the Literature of New African Diasporas 2019
A Convert’s Tale: Art, Crime, and Jewish Apostasy in Renaissance Italy 2019
Critical Perspectives on 21st Century Friendship: Polyamory, Polygamy, and Platonic Affinity 2019
The Critical Surf Studies Reader 2017
Cursed Legacy: The Tragic Life of Klaus Mann 2016
Cutting Cosmos: Masculinity and Spectacular Events among the Bugkalot 2018
Cybersexualities: A Reader in Feminist Theory, Cyborgs and Cyberspace 1999
Damaged Goods?: Women Living With Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases 2008
Dance and Gender: An Evidence-Based Approach 2017
Dancing Boys: High School Males in Dance 2016
Dangerous Masculinity: Fatherhood, Race, and Security Inside America's Prisons 2019
Defining Girlhood in India: A Transnational History of Sexual Maturity Laws 2019
Deleuze and Feminist Theory 2000
Der Islam und die Frauen 2011
Destape: Sex, Democracy, and Freedom in Postdictatorial Argentina 2019
The Devil's Wheels: Men and Motorcycling in the Weimar Republic 2019
Die soziale Konstruktion von M?nnlichkeit: Hegemoniale und marginalisierte M?nnlichkeiten in Deutschland 2008
A Dirty South Manifesto: Sexual Resistance and Imagination in the New South 2020
Discourses on LGBT asylum in the UK: Constructing a queer haven 2017
Dissidências sexuais e de gênero 2016
Disziplingeschichte der Erziehungswissenschaft als Geschlechtergeschichte OPEN ACCESS 2009
Diversity Management und seine Kontexte: Celebrate Diversity?! 2020
Elite Malay Polygamy: Wives, Wealth and Woes in Malaysia 2018
Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive OPEN ACCESS 2019
Elusive Justice: Women, Land Rights, and Colombia's Transition to Peace 2019
Encanto de erizo: Feminidad en la hystoria 2016
Enjaular los cuerpos: normativas decimonónicas y feminidad en México OPEN ACCESS 2008
Estudios sobre las mujeres y las relaciones de género en México: aportes desde diversas disciplinas OPEN ACCESS 2002
Everyday Revolutions: Remaking Gender, Sexuality and Culture in 1970s Australia OPEN ACCESS 2019
Exile within Exiles: Herbert Daniel, Gay Brazilian Revolutionary 2018
Expanding the Gaze: Gender and the Politics of Surveillance 2016
Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World 2020
Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa 2019
Fashioning Diaspora: Beauty, Femininity, and South Asian American Culture 2016
Feeling Like a State: Desire, Denial, and the Recasting of Authority 2019
The Feeling of Kinship: Queer Liberalism and the Racialization of Intimacy 2010
Feeling Photography 2014
Feeling Women's Liberation 2013
Female Masculinity 1998
Feminism, Violence, and Representation in Modern Italy: "We are Witnesses, Not Victims" 2019
The Feminist Bookstore Movement: Lesbian Antiracism and Feminist Accountability 2016
Feminist Perspectives on Young Mothers, and Young Mothering 2019
Feminist Surveillance Studies 2015
The Feminist War on Crime: The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration 2020
Fertile Bonds: Bedouin Class, Kinship, and Gender in the Bekaa Valley 2013
Figurations of the Feminine in the Early French Women’s Press, 1758–1848 2019
Flaming Souls: Homosexuality, Homophobia, and Social Change in Barbados 2012
For the Record: On Sexuality and the Colonial Archive in India 2009
Freedom with Violence: Race, Sexuality, and the US State 2011
Furious: Technological Feminism and Digital Futures 2020
Gamelan Girls: Gender, Childhood, and Politics in Balinese Music Ensembles 2019
Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader 2011
Gay Priori: A Queer Critical Legal Studies Approach to Law Reform 2018
Gay Rebel of the Harlem Renaissance: Selections from the Work of Richard Bruce Nugent 2002
Gender and American Jews: Patterns in Work, Education, and Family in Contemporary Life 2009
Gender and Diversity Studies: European Perspectives 2019
Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes: Women, Mediation, and Religious Arbitration 2017
Gender and Politics: The State of the Discipline OPEN ACCESS 2012
Gender, Governance and Islam 2019
Gender in Georgia: Feminist Perspectives on Culture, Nation, and History in the South Caucasus 2018
Gender und Diversity im Unternehmen: Transformatives Organisationales Lernen als Strategie OPEN ACCESS 2017
Gender, Violence, Refugees 2019
Gendered Trajectories: Women, Work, and Social Change in Japan and Taiwan 2009
Gendering the Nation: Studies in Modern Scottish Literature 1995
Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity 2014
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen I OPEN ACCESS 1998
Género y cultura en América Latina: Volumen II : Arte, historia y estudios de género OPEN ACCESS 2003
German, Jew, Muslim, Gay: The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus 2020
Geschlecht – Sozialisation – Transformationen OPEN ACCESS 2015
Geschlechterforschung in der Kritik OPEN ACCESS 2005
Geschlechtertypisierungen im Kontext von Familie und Schule OPEN ACCESS 2006
Ghostly Desires: Queer Sexuality and Vernacular Buddhism in Contemporary Thai Cinema 2016
Girl of New Zealand: Colonial Optics in Aotearoa 2020
Given to the Goddess: South Indian Devadasis and the Sexuality of Religion 2014
Gleichstellungsorientierte M?nnerpolitik unter Legitimationsdruck: Eine wissenssoziologische Diskursanalyse in Deutschland, ?sterreich und der Schweiz 2019
Glikl: Memoirs 1691-1719 2019
Global Fluids: The Cultural Politics of Reproductive Waste and Value 2018
Going Stealth: Transgender Politics and U.S. Surveillance Practices 2019
Gothic Queer Culture: Marginalized Communities and the Ghosts of Insidious Trauma 2019
Gridiron Gourmet: Gender and Food at the Football Tailgate 2019
Growing Up Queer: Kids and the Remaking of LGBTQ Identity 2019
The Handbook of Research on Black Males: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Multidisciplinary 2019
The history of marriage equality in Ireland: A social revolution begins 2020
Holding On: Family and Fatherhood during Incarceration and Reentry 2019
Homosexuality in Cold War America: Resistance and the Crisis of Masculinity 1997
Homosexuality, Transidentity, and Islam: A Study of Scripture Confronting the Politics of Gender and Sexuality 2020
Honeypot: Black Southern Women Who Love Women 2019
A House on Stilts: Mothering in the Age of Opioid Addiction 2019
How Soon Is Now?: Medieval Texts, Amateur Readers, and the Queerness of Time 2012
Hungry Translations: Relearning the World through Radical Vulnerability 2019
I Confess!: Constructing the Sexual Self in the Internet Age 2019
"I wish to keep a record": Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick Women Diarists and Their World 2017
Identity and Networks: Fashioning Gender and Ethnicity Across Cultures 2007
Ideology: Structurring Identities in Contemporary 2003
Imagining Care: Responsibility, Dependency, and Canadian Literature 2016
In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border OPEN ACCESS 2014
Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, and Maternity 2019
Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought 2020
Insult and the Making of the Gay Self 2004
Intersectionality in Digital Humanities 2019
Israel/Palestine and the Queer International 2012
The Italian Novella and Shakespeare’s Comic Heroines 2019
A Jewish Woman of Distinction: The Life and Diaries of Zinaida Poliakova 2019
A Kaleidoscope of Pieces: Anglican Essays on Sexuality, Ecclesiology and Theology 2016
Kinder und ihr Geschlecht OPEN ACCESS 2008
Kinship Across the Black Atlantic: Writing Diasporic Relations 2019
Kwaito Bodies: Remastering Space and Subjectivity in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2020
La partición: narrativas históricas y literarias OPEN ACCESS 2005
Latter-day Screens: Gender, Sexuality, and Mediated Mormonism 2019
A Legal History of Adoption in Ontario, 1921-2015 2016
Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story 2019
LGBTQ Film Festivals: Curating Queerness 2020
Like Any Other Woman: The Lived Experience of Gynaecological Cancer OPEN ACCESS 2019
Like Family: Narratives of Fictive Kinship 2020
Lob der Homosexualit?t 2019
The Look of a Woman: Facial Feminization Surgery and the Aims of Trans- Medicine 2017
Mad M?dchen: Feminism and Generational Conflict in Recent German Literature and Film 2019
Made In Egypt: Gendered Identity and Aspiration on the Globalised Shop Floor 2019
Mafalda: A Social and Political History of Latin America's Global Comic 2019
The Mafia in Italian Lives and Literature: Life Sentences and Their Geographies 2015
Making War on Bodies: Militarisation, Aesthetics and Embodiment in International Politics 2020
Manhood, Morality & the Transformation of Angolan Society: MPLA Veterans & Post-war Dynamics 2020
Manliness in Britain, 1760–1900: Bodies, emotion, and material culture 2020
Manly Arts: Masculinity and Nation in Early American Cinema 2006
M?nnlichkeiten: Geschlechterkonstruktionen in p?dagogischen Institutionen OPEN ACCESS 2014
Marriage, Divorce, and Distress in Northeast Brazil: Black Women's Perspectives on Love, Respect, and Kinship 2018
Marriage in Europe, 1400-1800 2016
Martial Law Melodrama: Lino Brocka’s Cinema Politics 2020
Martial masculinities: Experiencing and imagining the military in the long nineteenth century 2019
Mask Off: Masculinity Redefined 2019
Maternal Conceptions in Classical Literature and Philosophy 2020
The Maternal Tug: Ambivalence, Identity, and Agency 2020
The Mating Game: How Gender Still Shapes How We Date 2020
Maturing Masculinities: Aging, Chronic Illness, and Viagra in Mexico 2013
Me, not you: The trouble with mainstream feminism 2020
Mettray: A History of France's Most Venerated Carceral Institution 2019
Middlebrow Matters: Women's reading and the literary canon in France since the Belle époque OPEN ACCESS 2018
Modern Feminist Thought: From the Second Wave to 'Post-Feminism' 1995
Modernism and the making of the Soviet New Man 2017
Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood 2013
The Mother Knot 1997
Mujeres y relaciones de género en la antropología latinoamericana OPEN ACCESS 1993
My Father’s Closet 2017
Nation and Family: Personal Law, Cultural Pluralism, and Gendered Citizenship in India 2014
Native Men Remade: Gender and Nation in Contemporary Hawai‘i 2008
Never Going Back: A History of Queer Activism in Canada 2002
New Queer Cinema: The Director's Cut 2013
Nuevos textos y renovados pretextos OPEN ACCESS 1994
Object Lessons 2012
Off Limits: New Writings on Fear and Sin 2019
?konomien der Geschlechter OPEN ACCESS 2007
Old Schools: Modernism, Education, and the Critique of Progress 2020
The Oldest Vocation: Christian Motherhood in the Medieval West OPEN ACCESS 1991
Olimpismo: The Olympic Movement in the Making of Latin America and the Caribbean 2020
On the Edge of Empire: Gender, Race, and the Making of British Columbia, 1849-1871 2001
The Oocyte Economy: The Changing Meaning of Human Eggs 2019
Opting Back In: What Really Happens When Mothers Go Back to Work 2019
Oral Histories of Older Gay Men in Hong Kong: Unspoken but Unforgotten 2019
Orgasmology 2013
The 'Other' Martyrs: Women and the Poetics of Sexuality, Sacrifice, and Death in World Literatures 2019
Out Takes: Essays on Queer Theory and Film 1999
Outriders: Rodeo at the Fringes of the American West 2019
Panópticos y laberintos: subjetivación, deseo y corporalidad en una cárcel de hombres OPEN ACCESS 2007
Paradox and Representation: Silenced Voices in the Narratives of Nakagami Kenji 2020
The Path to Gay Rights: How Activism and Coming Out Changed Public Opinion 2018
Patrons of Women: Literacy Projects and Gender Development in Rural Nepal OPEN ACCESS 2011
Pauli Murray: A Personal and Political Life 2020
Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China OPEN ACCESS 2008
Persuasive Acts: Women's Rhetorics in the Twenty-First Century 2020
Perversion and the Social Relation: sic IV 2003
Possessing Polynesians: The Science of Settler Colonial Whiteness in Hawai`i and Oceania 2019
Prácticas otras de conocimiento(s): Entre crisis, entre guerras. Tomo I OPEN ACCESS 2018
Prácticas otras de conocimiento(s): Entre crisis, entre guerras. Tomo II OPEN ACCESS 2018
Prácticas otras de conocimiento(s): Entre crisis, entre guerras. Tomo III OPEN ACCESS 2018
Productive failure: Writing queer transnational South Asian art histories 2017
Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle, Second Edition 2020
Prostitution and the Ends of Empire: Scale, Governmentalities, and Interwar India 2014
The Queer Aesthetics of Childhood: Asymmetries of Innocence and the Cultural Politics of Child Development 2020
The Queer Child, or Growing Sideways in the Twentieth Century 2009
Queer Cinema in the World 2016
The Queer Games Avant-Garde: How LGBTQ Game Makers Are Reimagining the Medium of Video Games 2020
Queer Natures, Queer Mythologies 2020
Queer Nuns: Religion, Activism, and Serious Parody 2018
Queerbaiting and Fandom: Teasing Fans through Homoerotic Possibilities 2019
Queer/Early/Modern 2006
Queering Drag: Redefining the Discourse of Gender-Bending 2020
Queering MINT: Impulse für eine dekonstruktive Lehrer_innenbildung 2017
Queering the Redneck Riviera: Sexuality and the Rise of Florida Tourism 2018
Queering the South on Screen 2020
Queertheoretische Perspektiven auf Bildung: P?dagogische Kritik der Heteronormativit?t OPEN ACCESS 2017
Querying Consent: Beyond Permission and Refusal 2018
Racial Castration: Managing Masculinity in Asian America 2001
Reattachment Theory: Queer Cinema of Remarriage 2020
Reconceiving Muslim Men: Love and Marriage, Family and Care in Precarious Times 2018
Red Nails, Black Skates: Gender, Cash, and Pleasure on and off the Ice 2012
Red War on the Family: Sex, Gender, and Americanism in the First Red Scare 2015
ReFocus: The Films of Xavier Dolan 2019
The Rest of It: Hustlers, Cocaine, Depression, and Then Some, 1976–1988 2018
Rethinking the Medieval Legacy for Contemporary Theology 2014
The Revolution Has Come: Black Power, Gender, and the Black Panther Party in Oakland 2016
Riding the Black Ram: Law, Literature, and Gender 2010
The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability 2017
The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell'Arte Stage 2015
Riskante Leben? Geschlechterordnungen in der Reflexiven Moderne OPEN ACCESS 2012
Rocking the Closet: How Little Richard, Johnnie Ray, Liberace, and Johnny Mathis Queered Pop Music 2019
Sacred Sisters: Gender, Sanctity, and Power in Medieval Ireland 2020
Sacrificial Limbs: Masculinity, Disability, and Political Violence in Turkey 2020
Salvific Manhood: James Baldwin's Novelization of Male Intimacy 2019
Samuel Steward and the Pursuit of the Erotic Sexuality, Literature, Archives: Sexuality, Literature, Archives 2017
Sapphic Slashers: Sex, Violence, and American Modernity 2000
Screening Sex 2008
Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies 2012
Sensual Excess: Queer Femininity and Brown Jouissance 2018
Ser hombre de verdad en la ciudad de México: ni macho ni mandilón OPEN ACCESS 2000
Sex, Drugs, and Fashion in 1970s Madrid 2020
Sex, Law, and Sovereignty in French Algeria, 1830–1930 2019
Sex, or the Unbearable 2014
Sexology and Translation: Cultural and Scientific Encounters across the Modern World 2015
The Sexual Economy of War: Discipline and Desire in the U.S. Army 2019
Sexual progressives: Reimagining intimacy in Scotland, 1880-1914 2020
Sexualidades en México: algunas aproximaciones desde la perspectiva de las ciencias sociales OPEN ACCESS 1998
Sexualisierte Gewalt gegen Kinder und Partnergewalt: Zusammenh?nge und Interventionsm?glichkeiten bei h?uslicher Gewalt 2016
Sexuality, Disability, and Aging: Queer Temporalities of the Phallus 2019
Shakesqueer: A Queer Companion to the Complete Works of Shakespeare 2011
The Shapes of Fancy: Reading for Queer Desire in Early Modern Literature 2020
Shared Selves: Latinx Memoir and Ethical Alternatives to Humanism 2019
Sins against Nature: Sex and Archives in Colonial New Spain 2018
The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause 2019
A Small Boy and Others: Imitation and Initiation in American Culture from Henry James to Andy Warhol 1998
Solidarity and Defiant Spirituality: Africana Lessons on Religion, Racism, and Ending Gender Violence 2019
The Soul of the Stranger: Reading God and Torah from a Transgender Perspective 2019
Sozialisation heteronormativen Wissens: Wie Jugendliche Sexualit?t und Geschlecht erz?hlen 2014
Speaking of Feminism: Today's Activists on the Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Women's Movement 2019
Spectacular Passions: Cinema, Fantasy, Gay Male Spectatorships 2000
Staging Discomfort: Performance and Queerness in Contemporary Cuba 2020
The state as master: Gender, state formation and commercialisation in urban Sweden, 1650–1780 2017
Strange Affinities: The Gender and Sexual Politics of Comparative Racialization 2011
The Streets Are Talking to Me: Affective Fragments in Sisi's Egypt 2019
Stripped and Script: Loyalist Women Writers of the American Revolution 2019
Surrogate Humanity: Race, Robots, and the Politics of Technological Futures 2019
Surviving State Terror: Women’s Testimonies of Repression and Resistance in Argentina 2018
Sustentabilidad desde abajo: Luchas desde el género y la etnicidad OPEN ACCESS 2017
Tendencies 1993
Tending the Student Body: Youth, Health, and the Modern University 2015
Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State 2019
Textual Masculinity and the Exchange of Women in Renaissance Venice 2015
This Wound Is a World 2019
Time Binds: Queer Temporalities, Queer Histories 2010
Tiny You: A Western History of the Anti-Abortion Movement 2020
Tough Choices: Bearing an Illegitimate Child in Japan 2009
Trabajo, poder y sexualidad OPEN ACCESS 1989
Tradition in the Frame: Photography, Power, and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete 2019
Trans Exploits: Trans of Color Cultures and Technologies in Movement 2019
The Trans Generation: How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution 2018
The Trouble with Normal: Postwar Youth and the Making of Heterosexuality 1997
TV Family Values: Gender, Domestic Labor, and 1980s Sitcoms 2019
Twenty-First-Century Readings of E. M. Forster's 'Maurice' 2020
The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Mexican Public Sphere 2010
Undoing Monogamy: The Politics of Science and the Possibilities of Biology 2016
Ungleiche Geschlechtergleichheit: Geschlechterpolitik und Theorien des Humankapitals OPEN ACCESS 2011
Veil and Vow: Marriage Matters in Contemporary African American Culture 2020
Veiled Empire: Gender and Power in Stalinist Central Asia 2004
Vexy Thing: On Gender and Liberation 2018
Violating Peace: Sex, Aid, and Peacekeeping 2020
The Voice of Prophecy: And Other Essays 2018
What Works 2016
What's the Use?: On the Uses of Use 2019
When Time Warps: The Lived Experience of Gender, Race, and Sexual Violence 2019
White Men Aren't 2002
Women against cruelty: Protection of animals in nineteenth-century Britain 2020
Women and Geography on the Early Modern English Stage 2019
Women and the Society of Biblical Literature 2019
Women before the court: Law and patriarchy in the Anglo-American world, 1600–1800 2019
Women in Place: The Politics of Gender Segregation in Iran 2020
Women Making Modernism 2020
Women Rapping Revolution: Hip Hop and Community Building in Detroit 2020
Working Out Egypt: Effendi Masculinity and Subject Formation in Colonial Modernity, 1870–1940 2011
The World Turned: Essays on Gay History, Politics, and Culture 2002
Writing Mothers: Narrative Acts of Care, Redemption, and Transformation 2020