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1967 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
21st-Century Hollywood: Movies in the Era of Transformation 2011
3-D Revolution: The History of Modern Stereoscopic Cinema 2012
Abbas Kiarostami and Film-Philosophy 2017
Abbas Kiarostami: Expanded Second Edition 2018
Abstinence Cinema: Virginity and the Rhetoric of Sexual Purity in Contemporary Film 2016
An Accented Cinema: Exilic and Diasporic Filmmaking 2001
Acinemas: Lyotard's Philosophy of Film 2017
Acting for America: Movie Stars of the 1980s 2010
Acting in the Cinema 1988
Acting 2015
Action!: Interviews with Directors from Classical Hollywood to Contemporary Iran 2009
Adapting Philosophy: Jean Baudrillard and "The Matrix Trilogy" 2009
Adjusting the Lens: Community and Collaborative Video in Mexico 2017
Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer: Nathan Burkan and the Making of American Popular Culture 2020
The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis: Bicultural Film Archiving Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 2016
Aesthetic Spaces: The Place of Art in Film 2019
Aesthetics and the Cinematic Narrative: An Introduction 2019
Aesthetics, Ethics and Trauma in the Cinema of Pedro Almodóvar 2017
Affective Intensities and Evolving Horror Forms: From Found Footage to Virtual Reality 2020
Afghanistan in the Cinema 2010
African Appropriations: Cultural Difference, Mimesis, and Media 2015
African Cinema and Human Rights 2019
African Filmmaking: North and South of the Sahara 2006
After Authority: Global Art Cinema and Political Transition 2020
After Hitchcock 2006
After the Break: Television Theory Today 2013
After the Red Army Faction: Gender, Culture, and Militancy 2015
After Uniqueness: A History of Film and Video Art in Circulation 2017
Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze’s Film Philosophy 2010
Agnes Varda between Film, Photography, and Art 2018
Agnès Varda: Interviews 2014
Agnès Varda 2015
Ain't That a Knee-Slapper: Rural Comedy in the Twentieth Century 2008
Albert Capellani: Pioneer of the Silent Screen 2013
Albert Maysles 2009
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 2010
Alexander Kluge: Raw Materials for the Imagination OPEN ACCESS 2012
Alexander Payne: Interviews 2014
Alfred Hitchcock: The Legacy of Victorianism 1995
All about Almodóvar: A Passion for Cinema 2009
Allan King's A Married Couple 2010
Allegories of Contamination: Pier Paolo Pasolini's Trilogy of Life 1996
All-Stars and Movie Stars: Sports in Film and History 2008
Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans: The Lure of the Local Film Economy OPEN ACCESS 2017
The Altering Eye: Contemporary International Cinema OPEN ACCESS 2009
Alternative Projections: Experimental Film in Los Angeles, 1945-1980 2015
Amar Akbar Anthony: Bollywood, Brotherhood, and the Nation 2016
Amateur Cinema: The Rise of North American Moviemaking, 1923-1960 2015
Amateur Movie Making: Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915–1960 2017
American Audiences on Movies and Moviegoing 2001
American Cinema 1890-1909: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema and the Southern Imaginary 2011
American Cinema in the Shadow of 9/11 2017
American Cinema of the 1910s: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema of the 1920s: Themes and Variations 2009
American Cinema of the 1930s: Themes and Variations 2007
American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes and Variations 2008
American Cinema of the 1990s: Themes and Variations 2008
American Cinematographers in the Great War, 1914-1918 2016
American Documentary Film: Projecting the Nation 2011
American Ethnographic Film and Personal Documentary: The Cambridge Turn 2013
American Film Cycles 2011
American Films of the 70s 2000
American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film 2005
The American Horror Film: An Introduction 2002
American Horror Film: The Genre at the Turn of the Millennium 2010
American Independent Cinema: An Introduction 2006
American Independent Cinema: Rites of Passage and the Crisis Image 2015
American Independent Cinema: Second Edition 2017
The American Jewish Story through Cinema 2013
The American Midwest in Film and Literature: Nostalgia, Violence, and Regionalism 2020
American Politics in Hollywood Film 2011
American Postfeminist Cinema: Women, Romance and Contemporary Culture 2014
American Showman: Samuel "Roxy" Rothafel and the Birth of the Entertainment Industry, 1908-1935 2012
American Travel Literature, Gendered Aesthetics, and the Italian Tour, 1824–62 2018
The American Western 2007
Americanizing the Movies and “Movie-Mad” Audiences, 1910-1914 2006
Anatomy Live: Performance and the Operating Theatre OPEN ACCESS 2008
The Anatomy of Harpo Marx 2012
Andre Bazin's New Media 2014
Androids, Humanoids, and Other Folklore Monsters: Science and Soul in Science Fiction Films 1993
Animal Worlds: Film, Philosophy and Time 2019
Animated Encounters: Transnational Movements of Chinese Animation, 1940s–1970s 2019
The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney 2007
Animating Space: From Mickey to WALL-E 2010
Ann Dvorak: Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel 2013
Anne Bancroft: A Life 2017
An Annotated Bibliography for Taiwan Film Studies 2016
Another Steven Soderbergh Experience: Authorship and Contemporary Hollywood 2013
Antisemitism in Film Comedy in Nazi Germany 2019
Antonia White and Manic-Depressive Illness 2018
Antonio Pietrangeli, The Director of Women: Feminism and Film Theory in Postwar Italian Cinema 2020
Anxious Cinephilia: Pleasure and Peril at the Movies 2020
Apocalypse-Cinema: 2012 and Other Ends of the World 2015
Approaches to Kurban Said's Ali and Nino: Love, Identity, and Intercultural Conflict 2017
Arab Modernism as World Cinema: The Films of Moumen Smihi 2020
Arctic Cinemas and the Documentary Ethos 2019
Army Film and the Avant Garde: Cinema and Experiment in the Czechoslovak Military 2015
Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan 2018
The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson: Secret Agents, Private I 2005
The Art and Politics of Film 2000
Art in Cinema: Documents Toward a History of the Film Society 2006
Art in Motion, Revised Edition: Animation Aesthetics 2014
Art in the Cinematic Imagination 2006
Art Rebels: Race, Class, and Gender in the Art of Miles Davis and Martin Scorsese 2019
The Artist as Monster: The Cinema of David Cronenberg 2006
Artmaking in the Age of Global Capitalism: Visual Practices, Philosophy, Politics 2019
The Arts of Cinema 2018
Asian Cinemas: A Reader and Guide 2006
The Assassin: Hou Hsiao-hsien’s World of Tang China 2019
At Full Speed: Hong Kong Cinema in a Borderless World 2001
At the End of the Street in the Shadow: Orson Welles and the City 2016
Atom Egoyan's 'The Adjuster' 2009
Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) 2005
The Attractive Empire: Transnational Film Culture in Imperial Japan 2008
The Audience Effect: On the Collective Cinema Experience 2018
Audiences: Defining and Researching Screen Entertainment Reception OPEN ACCESS 2012
The Audio Dictionary: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded 2005
Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen 2019
Audiovisions: Cinema and Television as Entr'actes in History OPEN ACCESS 1999
Austria Made in Hollywood 2019
Authorship in Film Adaptation 2008
The Autobiographical Turn in Germanophone Documentary and Experimental Film 2014
The Autonomous Image: Cinematic Narration and Humanism 1981
Avant-Garde to New Wave: Czechoslovak Cinema, Surrealism and the Sixties 2011
Avengers Assemble!: Critical Perspectives on the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2018
Avoiding the Subject: Media, Culture and the Object OPEN ACCESS 2004
The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television 2013
Baad Bitches and Sassy Supermamas: Black Power Action Films 2008
Babel and Babylon: Spectatorship in American Silent Film 1991
Backstory 5: Interviews with Screenwriters of the 1990s 2010
Bad Film Histories: Ethnography and the Early Archive 2019
Bad Women: Regulating Sexuality in Early American Cinema 1995
Barbara La Marr: The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful for Hollywood 2017
The Baroque Night 2018
Bastard Culture!: How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production OPEN ACCESS 2011
The Battle for the Bs: 1950s Hollywood and the Rebirth of Low-Budget Cinema 2012
The Battle of Britain on Screen: 'The Few' in British Film and Television Drama 2007
Battlefields of Negotiation: Control, Agency, and Ownership in World of Warcraft OPEN ACCESS 2012
Beasts of the Deep: Sea Creatures and Popular Culture 2018
Beasts of the Forest: Denizens of the Dark Woods 2019
Beautiful Circuits: Modernism and the Mediated Life 2010
Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline 2015
Being Hal Ashby: Life of a Hollywood Rebel 2009
Bela Balazs: Early Film Theory: Visible ManandThe Spirit of Film 2011
Ben Hecht: Fighting Words, Moving Pictures 2019
Ben-Hur: The Original Blockbuster 2016
Bergson and the Art of Immanence: Painting, Photography, Film, Performance 2013
Berlin Replayed: Cinema and Urban Nostalgia in the Postwall Era 2015
The Besieged Ego: Doppelgangers and Split Identity Onscreen 2013
Best Years: Going to the Movies, 1945-1946 2009
Between Stage and Screen: Ingmar Bergman Directs OPEN ACCESS 1995
Between the Sheets, In the Streets: Queer, Lesbian, Gay Documentary 1997
Between Two Worlds: The Jewish Presence in German and Austrian Film, 1910-1933 2007
Beyond Bombshells: The New Action Heroine in Popular Culture 2015
Beyond Bruce Lee: Chasing the Dragon Through Film, Philosophy, and Popular Culture 2013
Beyond Imperial Aesthetics: Theories of Art and Politics in East Asia 2019
Beyond the Epic: The Life and Films of David Lean 2006
Beyond the Looking Glass: Narcissism and Female Stardom in Studio-Era Hollywood 2014
Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema 2016
Beyond the Soundtrack: Representing Music in Cinema 2007
Beyond the Subtitle: Remapping European Art Cinema 2009
Bigger than Ben-Hur: The Book, Its Adaptations, and Their Audiences 2016
Bio-pics: A Life in Pictures 2015
The Birth of the American Horror Film 2018
Bitter Tastes: Literary Naturalism and Early Cinema in American Women's Writing 2016
Black and White Cinema: A Short History 2015
Black Directors in Hollywood 2003
Black Male Frames: African Americans in a Century of Hollywood Cinema, 1903-2003 2015
Black Space 2008
Black & White & Noir: America's Pulp Modernism 2002
Blackout: Reinventing Women for Wartime British Cinema 1991
The Blade Runner Experience: The Legacy of a Science Fiction Classic 2005
Blockbuster History in the New Russia: Movies, Memory, and Patriotism 2012
Blossoms and Blood: Postmodern Media Culture and the Films of Paul Thomas Anderson 2013
Boats on the Marne: Jean Renoir's Critique of Modernity 2017
Bodies in Pain: Emotion and the Cinema of Darren Aronofsky 2015
Bodies in Suspense: Time and Affect in Cinema 2017
The Body in the Mirror: Shapes of History in Italian Cinema 1992
Body Shots: Early Cinema’s Incarnations 2007
Bollywood and Globalization: Indian Popular Cinema, Nation, and Diaspora 2010
Bollywood and Postmodernism: Popular Indian Cinema in the 21st Century 2015
Bollywood: Gods, Glamour, and Gossip 2012
Bollywood's India: A Public Fantasy 2015
Bombay Cinema: An Archive of the City 2007
Bondarchuk's War and Peace: Literary Classic to Soviet Cinematic Epic 2014
Bonnie Sherr Klein's 'Not a Love Story' 2014
Border Bandits 2008
Border Crossing: Russian Literature into Film OPEN ACCESS 2016
Borderland Films: American Cinema, Mexico, and Canada during the Progressive Era 2015
Boro, L'?le d'Amour: The Films of Walerian Borowczyk 2015
The Brain Is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema 2000
Brass Diva: The Life and Legends of Ethel Merman 2007
The Brazilian Road Movie: Journeys of (Self) Discovery 2013
Brazilian Women's Filmmaking: From Dictatorship to Democracy 2012
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Direct Address in the Cinema 2012
The Bressonians: French Cinema and the Culture of Authorship 2017
The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall 2002
British Cinema in the 1950s: A celebration 2003
British Film Directors: A Critical Guide 2007
British films of the 1970s 2013
The British Monarchy On Screen OPEN ACCESS 2016
The British New Wave: A certain tendency? 2006
Brokeback Mountain 2010
The Bronze Screen: Chicana and Chicano Film Culture 1993
Bruce Dern: A Memoir 2007
Bruce McDonald's 'Hard Core Logo' 2011
Bumpy Road: The Making, Flop, and Revival of Two-Lane Blacktop 2019
Bu?uel and Mexico: The Crisis of National Cinema 2003
Bu?uel en Toledo: arte público, acción cultural y vanguardia 2016
Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley 2011
C. Francis Jenkins, Pioneer of Film and Television 2014
Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida: Essays in Honor of Annette Michelson OPEN ACCESS 2003
Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World 2012
Canadian Dreams and American Control: The Political Economy of the Canadian Film Industry 1990
Canadian Film and Video: A Bibliography and Guide to the Literature 1997
The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul 2015
Candid Eyes: Essays on Canadian Documentaries 2003
Canyon Cinema: The Life and Times of an Independent Film Distributor 2008
Captivating Westerns: The Middle East in the American West 2015
Carceral Fantasies: Cinema and Prison in Early Twentieth-Century America 2016
Career Movies: American Business and the Success Mystique 2002
Carl Theodor Dreyer's Gertrud: The Moving Word 2008
Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture 2004
Cartographic Cinema 2007
Cartoon Vision: UPA Animation and Postwar Aesthetics 2019
The Case of Sherlock Holmes: Secrets and Lies in Conan Doyle's Detective Fiction 2018
Causes Won, Lost, and Forgotten: How Hollywood and Popular Art Shape What We Know about the Civil War 2008
Cecil B. DeMille's Hollywood 2004
Celluloid Comrades: Representations of Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas 2006
Celluloid Pueblo: Western Ways Films and the Invention of the Postwar Southwest 2016
Celluloid Singapore: Cinema, Performance and the National 2018
Celluloid Symphonies: Texts and Contexts in Film Music History 2011
Celluloid Vampires 2007
Censorship in Theatre and Cinema 2005
Challenge for Change: Activist Documentary at the National Film Board of Canada 2010
Chanteuse in the City: The Realist Singer in French Film 2004
The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde 2016
Charles Burnett: Interviews 2011
Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance 2014
Charlie Chaplin, Director 2014
Charms of the Cynical Reason: Tricksters in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture OPEN ACCESS 2011
Chaucer on Screen: Absence, Presence, and Adapting the Canterbury Tales 2016
Children of Marx and Coca-Cola: Chinese Avant-garde Art and Independent Cinema 2010
The Children's Film: Genre, Nation, and Narrative 2017
China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization 2017
China on Screen: Cinema and Nation 2006
China's Encounter with Global Hollywood: Cultural Policy and the Film Industry, 1994-2013 2016
The Chinese Diaspora on American Screens: Race, Sex, and Cinema 2012
Chinese Looks: Fashion, Performance, Race 2014
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition 2009
Chinese Martial Arts Cinema: The Wuxia Tradition 2009
Chinese Shakespeares: Two Centuries of Cultural Exchange 2009
Chinese Women's Cinema: Transnational Contexts 2011
Chow Yun-fat and Territories of Hong Kong Stardom 2017
Christian Metz and the Codes of Cinema: Film Semiology and Beyond 2018
Christian Petzold 2013
Chromatic Modernity: Color, Cinema, and Media of the 1920s 2019
Chronicle of a Camera: The Arriflex 35 in North America, 1945-1972 2013
The CIA in Hollywood 2012
Cine y nación:: negociación, construcción y representación identitaria en Colombia 2015
Cine-Ethiopia: The History and Politics of Film in the Horn of Africa 2018
Cinefilia: Entre el gusto y la calidad 2016
Cinema and Counter-History 2015
Cinema and Development in West Africa: Film as a Vehicle for Liberation 2013
Cinema and Experience: Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno 2012
Cinema and Fascism: Italian Film and Society, 1922–1943 2008
Cinema and Narrative Complexity: Embodying the Fabula 2017
Cinema and Semiotic: Peirce and Film Aesthetics, Narration, and Representation 2005
Cinema and Sensation: French Film and the Art of Transgression 2007
Cinema and the Sandinistas: Filmmaking in Revolutionary Nicaragua 2003
Cinema and the Wealth of Nations: Media, Capital, and the Liberal World System 2018
Cinema at the Edges: New Encounters with Julio Medem, Bigas Luna and Jose Luis Guerin 2014
Cinema at the Margins 2013
Cinema by Design: Art Nouveau, Modernism, and Film History 2017
The Cinema Dreams Its Rivals: Media Fantasy Films from Radio to the Internet 2006
Cinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit Ray 2010
Cinema Is a Cat: A Cat Lover’s Introduction to Film Studies 2019
Cinéma Militant: Political Filmmaking and May 1968 2016
Cinema, Nation, and Empire in Uzbekistan, 1919-1937 2018
The Cinema of Agnès Varda: Resistance and Eclecticism 2014
The Cinema of Aki Kaurism?ki: Contrarian Stories 2013
The Cinema of Alexander Sokurov: Figures of Paradox 2014
The Cinema of Ang Lee: The Other Side of the Screen 2015
The Cinema of Attractions Reloaded OPEN ACCESS 2006
The Cinema of Basil Dearden and Michael Relph 2009
The Cinema of Béla Tarr: The Circle Closes 2013
Cinema of Choice: Optional Thinking and Narrative Movies 2015
The Cinema of Christopher Nolan: Imagining the Impossible 2015
The Cinema of Clint Eastwood: Chronicles of America 2014
A Cinema of Contradiction: Spanish Film in the 1960s 2006
The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead 2003
The Cinema of George A. Romero: Knight of the Living Dead 2015
The Cinema of Globalization: A Guide to Films about the New Economic Order 2007
The Cinema of Hal Hartley: Flirting with Formalism 2017
The Cinema of István Szabó: Visions of Europe 2014
The Cinema of James Cameron: Bodies in Heroic Motion 2014
The Cinema of Louis Malle: Transatlantic Auteur 2018
The Cinema of Marguerite Duras: Multisensoriality and Female Subjectivity OPEN ACCESS 2019
The Cinema of Me: The Self and Subjectivity in First Person Documentary 2012
The Cinema of Michael Mann: Vice and Vindication 2013
The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom: Borders, Intimacy, Terror 2014
The Cinema of Mika Kaurism?ki: Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities OPEN ACCESS 2011
A Cinema of Obsession: The Life and Work of Mai Zetterling 2019
The Cinema of Ozu Yasujiro: Histories of the Everyday 2017
The Cinema of Raúl Ruiz: Impossible Cartographies 2013
The Cinema of Richard Linklater: Walk, Don't Run 2013
The Cinema of Richard Linklater: Walk, Don't Run 2018
The Cinema of Robert Altman: Hollywood Maverick 2016
The Cinema of Small Nations 2007
The Cinema of Steven Soderbergh: Indie Sex, Corporate Lies, and Digital Videotape 2013
The Cinema of Steven Spielberg: Empire of Light 2007
The Cinema of Takeshi Kitano: Flowering Blood 2013
The Cinema of Terrence Malick: Poetic Visions of America 2007
The Cinema of Terry Gilliam: It's a Mad World 2013
The Cinema of the Coen Brothers: Hard-Boiled Entertainments 2015
The Cinema of the Dardenne Brothers: Responsible Realism 2013
Cinema of the Dark Side: Atrocity and the Ethics of Film Spectatorship 2014
The Cinema of the Soviet Thaw: Space, Materiality, Movement 2017
The Cinema of Theo Angelopoulos 2015
The Cinema of Tom DiCillo: Include Me Out 2017
The Cinema of Wes Anderson: Bringing Nostalgia to Life 2017
Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism 2015
Cinema, Space, and Polylocality in a Globalizing China 2010
Cinema Today: A Conversation with Thirty-nine Filmmakers from around the World 2011
Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics OPEN ACCESS 2017
Cinemachismo: Masculinities and Sexuality in Mexican Film 2006
Cinema-monde: Decentred Perspectives on Global Filmmaking in French 2018
Cinemas and Cinema-Going in the United Kingdom: Decades of Decline, 1945–65 OPEN ACCESS 2020
Cinema's Bodily Illusions: Flying, Floating, and Hallucinating 2016
Cinemas in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 2013
Cinema's Military Industrial Complex 2018
Cinemas of the Mozambican Revolution: Anti-Colonialism, Independence and Internationalism in Filmmaking, 1968-1991 2020
A Cinemateca Brasileira: das luzes aos anos de chumbo 2010
Cinematernity: Film, Motherhood, Genre 1996
Cinematic Appeals: The Experience of New Movie Technologies 2013
The Cinematic Bodies of Eastern Europe and Russia: Between Pain and Pleasure 2016
The Cinematic Body 1993
Cinematic Canines: Dogs and Their Work in the Fiction Film 2014
Cinematic Cold War: The American and Soviet Struggle for Hearts and Minds 2010
Cinematic Encounters 2: Portraits and Polemics 2019
Cinematic Encounters: Interviews and Dialogues 2018
Cinematic Fictions: The Impact of the Cinema on the American Novel up to World War II 2009
Cinematic Flashes: Cinephilia and Classical Hollywood 2013
The Cinematic Footprint: Lights, Camera, Natural Resources 2012
Cinematic Hamlet: The Films of Olivier, Zeffirelli, Branagh, and Almereyda 2011
Cinematic Identity: Anatomy of a Problem Film 2007
Cinematic Journeys: Film and Movement 2010
Cinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film 2008
Cinematic Nihilism: Encounters, Confrontations, Overcomings 2017
Cinematic Overtures: How to Read Opening Scenes 2017
Cinematic Political Thought: Narrating Race, Nation and Gender 1999
Cinematic Vitalism: Film Theory and the Question of Life OPEN ACCESS 2018
Cinematicity in Media History 2013
Cinematography 2014
Cinembargo Colombia: Ensayos críticos sobre cine y cultura 2009
Cinephemera: Archives, Ephemeral Cinema, and New Screen Histories in Canada 2014
Cinephilia: Movies, Love and Memory OPEN ACCESS 2005
Cinepoetry: Imaginary Cinemas in French Poetry 2013
Cities of Words: Pedagogical Letters on a Register of the Moral Life 2004
Citing China: Politics, Postmodernism, and World Cinema 2018
Citizen Spielberg 2006
City of Darkness, City of Light: Emigré Filmmakers in Paris 1929-1939 OPEN ACCESS 2004
City of Dreams: The Making and Remaking of Universal Pictures 1997
City That Never Sleeps: New York and the Filmic Imagination 2007
Claire Denis 2005
Clarence Brown: Hollywood's Forgotten Master 2018
Classic Hollywood Classic Whiteness 2001
Classic Hollywood: Lifestyles and Film Styles of American Cinema, 1930-1960 2015
Classical Hollywood cinema: Point of view and communication 2016
Claude Chabrol's Aesthetics of Opacity 2018
Claude Rains: An Actor's Voice 2008
Cleddyf ym Mrwydr yr Iaith?: Y Bwrdd Ffilmiau Cymraeg 2013
Climate Trauma: Foreseeing the Future in Dystopian Film and Fiction 2016
Clocking Out: The Machinery of Life in 1960s Italian Cinema 2020
Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique 2014
Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique 2004
Close-Up: Great Cinematic performances Volume 1: America 2018
Col. William N. Selig, the Man Who Invented Hollywood 2012
The Collaboration 2013
Collaborations with the Past: Reshaping Shakespeare across Time and Media 2006
The Colonial Documentary Film in South and South-East Asia 2017
The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema 2018
The Columbia Companion to American History on Film: How the Movies Have Portrayed the American Past 2003
Columbia Pictures: Portrait of a Studio 1992
The Comedia in English: Translation and Performance 2008
Comedy and Cultural Critique in American Film 2013
Comedy Is a Man in Trouble: Slapstick in American Movies 2000
The Comic Book Film Adaptation: Exploring Modern Hollywood’s Leading Genre 2015
Comic Book Movies 2018
Comic Books Incorporated: How the Business of Comics Became the Business of Hollywood 2019
Comic Medievalism: Laughing at the Middle Ages 2014
Coming Attractions 2004
Coming-of-Age Cinema in New Zealand: Genre, Gender and Adaptation in a National Cinema 2017
Communications Media, Globalization, and Empire 2016
A Companion to Golden Age Theatre 2007
A Companion to Latin American Film 2004
A Companion to Luis Bu?uel 2005
Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda 2008
Concentrationary Cinema: Aesthetics as Political Resistance in Alain Resnais'sNight and Fog 2014
Concerto for the Left Hand: Disability and the Defamiliar Body 2008
The Concise Cinegraph: Encyclopaedia of German Cinema 2009
The Conscience of Cinema: The works of Joris Ivens 1926-1989 OPEN ACCESS 2016
Constructing the Image of the Mexican Revolution: Cinema and the Archive 2010
Contaminations: Beyond Dialectics in Modern Literature, Science and Film 2016
Contemporary Action Cinema 2011
Contemporary British Horror Cinema: Industry, Genre and Society 2016
Contemporary Cinema and the Philosophy of Iris Murdoch 2019
Contemporary Cinema 1998
Contemporary Italian Filmmaking: Strategies of Subversion: Pirandello, Fellini, Scola, and the Directors of the New Generation 1995
Contemporary Japanese Cinema Since Hana-Bi 2015
Contemporary Musical Film 2017
Contemporary Romanian Cinema: The History of an Unexpected Miracle 2013
Contemporary Russian Cinema: Symbols of a New Era 2016
Contemporary Sino-French Cinemas: Absent Fathers, Banned Books, and Red Balloons 2016
Contemporary Spanish Gothic 2016
Contemporary Stylistics: Language, Cognition, Interpretation 2018
The Contemporary Television Series 2005
The Contemporary Western: An American Genre Post-9/11 2019
Contemporary World Cinema: Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and South Asia 2005
Continental Strangers: German Exile Cinema, 1933-1951 2014
Continuity and Crisis in German Cinema, 1928-1936 2016
Control Culture: Foucault and Deleuze after Discipline 2018
Conversations with Classic Film Stars: Interviews from Hollywood's Golden Era 2016
The Cool and the Crazy: Pop Fifties Cinema 2015
The Corporeal Image: Film, Ethnography, and the Senses 2006
Corporeality in Early Cinema: Viscera, Skin, and Physical Form 2018
Cosmopolitan Film Cultures in Latin America, 1896-1960 2017
Costume, Makeup, and Hair 2016
Couching Resistance: Women, Film, and Psychoanalytic Psychiatry 1993
Counter-Archive: Film, the Everyday, and Albert Kahn's Archives de la Planète 2010
The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School 2013
Cowboy Classics: The Roots of the American Western in the Epic Tradition 2016
Crafting Truth: Documentary Form and Meaning 2011
Creativity and Copyright: Legal Essentials for Screenwriters and Creative Artists 2019
Creaturely Poetics: Animality and Vulnerability in Literature and Film 2011
Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir 2000
Creolizing the Metropole: Migrant Caribbean Identities in Literature and Film 2012
The Crime Films of Anthony Mann 2014
Criminalization/Assimilation: Chinese/Americans and Chinatowns in Classical Hollywood Film 2019
Cristi Puiu 2017
A Critical Cinema 5: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers 2006
A Critical History of German Film 2010
Critical Mass: Social Documentary in France from the Silent Era to the New Wave 2018
Crowd Scenes: Movies and Mass Politics OPEN ACCESS 2008
A Cultural History of the Bushranger Legend in Theatres and Cinemas, 1828–2017 2019
Culture in the Anteroom: The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer 2012
A Culture of Light: Cinema and Technology in 1920s Germany 2005
Culture on Two Wheels: The Bicycle in Literature and Film 2016
Culture Wars: The Media and the British Left 2005
Cultures of Representation: Disability in World Cinema Contexts 2016
Cultures of Vision: Images, Media, and the Imaginary 1995
The Curious Humanist: Siegfried Kracauer in America 2016
Cut-Pieces: Celluloid Obscenity and Popular Cinema in Bangladesh 2014
Cutting Edge: Art-Horror and the Horrific Avant-garde 2000
D. W. Griffith: Interviews 2012
Dagur Kari's Noi the Albino 2010
Dalton Trumbo: Blacklisted Hollywood Radical 2015
The Dame in the Kimono: Hollywood, Censorship, and the Production Code 2001
Dames in the Driver's Seat: Rereading Film Noir 2005
Damsels and Divas: European Stardom in Silent Hollywood 2020
Dance and the Hollywood Latina: Race, Sex, and Stardom 2011
Danger: Diabolik 2018
Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture 2011
Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub: "Objectivists" in Cinema 2020
Danny Boyle: Interviews 2011
Dante, Cinema, and Television 2004
Dario Argento 2012
Dashiell Hammett and the Movies 2014
The Datafied Society: Studying Culture through Data OPEN ACCESS 2017
David Cronenberg's A History of Violence 2008
David Lynch 2012
David Lynch Swerves: Uncertainty from Lost Highway to Inland Empire 2013
Death and the Moving Image: Ideology, Iconography and I 2014
Death of the Moguls: The End of Classical Hollywood 2012
Deaths in Venice: The Cases of Gustav von Aschenbach 2013
Deathwatch: American Film, Technology, and the End of Life 2014
Decentring France: Multilingualism and power in contemporary French cinema 2017
The Decline of Sentiment: American Film in the 1920s 2008
Deep Red 2017
DEFA after East Germany 2014
Del escenario a la pantalla 2000
Deleuze, Altered States and Film 2007
Deleuze and Film 2012
Deleuze and Horror Film 2005
Deleuze and the Cinemas of Performance: Powers of Affection 2012
Deleuze, Cinema and the Thought of the World 2018
Deleuze's Cinema Books: Three Introductions to the Taxonomy of Images 2016
Demographic Angst: Cultural Narratives and American Films of the 1950s 2018
The Demons of Modernity: Ingmar Bergman and European Cinema 2014
Denys Arcand's Le Declin de l'empire americain and Les Invasions barbares 2008
Der Ullstein Verlag und der Stummfilm: Die Uco-Film GmbH als Ausdruck einer innovativen Partnerschaft 2013
Derek Jarman's Medieval Modern 2018
Descended from Hercules: Biopolitics and the Muscled Male Body on Screen 2016
Designing Interdisciplinary Education: A Practical Handbook for University Teachers 2017
Designing Sound: Audiovisual Aesthetics in 1970s American Cinema 2016
Desires for Reality: Radicalism and Revolution in Western European Film 2019
Destination London: German-Speaking Emigres and British Cinema, 1925-1950 2008
Destructive Sublime: World War II in American Film and Media 2018
Deterritorializing the New German Cinema 1999
The Devil You Dance With: Film Culture in the New South Africa 2009
Difference and Orientation: An Alexander Kluge Reader 2019
The Differentiation of Modernism: Postwar German Media Arts 2013
The Digital Banal: New Media and American Literature and Culture 2018
The Digital Image and Reality: Affect, Metaphysics and Post-Cinema 2019
Digital Imaging in Popular Cinema 2013
Digital Material: Tracing New Media in Everyday Life and Technology OPEN ACCESS 2009
Digital Music Videos 2017
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